Bakery Masterclass…

“in this industry the show is every day, for us like a theatre it means to put on a show without barriers & reveal what happens behind the scenes…”

A three hour Bakery Class in our Ligurian Bakery.

A hands-on intimate class with Executive Chef and Head Baker with a 3 course set menu at Macellaio RC Union Street, London – £70

Macellaio RC Union Street
Arch 24, 229 Union Street, London
020 3848 0529

11th February 2019

16th February 2019

11th March 2019

.6.30pm – 9.30pm

Our intimate private classes of 2 – 6 students, beginners or experts are excellent for corporate bookings, special occasions or a great get together with friends and family.

History behind ACQUA E FARINA water & flour

In the vast world of flours, we’ll explore all the different flours and their uses and why it is very important to bake using the correct strength of flour. Together with time, passion and love these are the tools that we have to make so many wonderful products using two humble ingredients.

Pissa and not Pizza

Here, we want to show you how many ways you can explain a concept usually known just for the typical PIZZA; we are going to do something more. Our Executive Chef will personally express what we mean in our region, the meaning of ACQUA E FARINA (water and flour). In the hands of our Master Baker, we will be taking you behind the scenes with our in-house daily production of charming dishes from our bakery made in front of our guests, gently surrounded by the swirling aromas of freshly baked traditional Italian breads. We will show you the first type of pizza invented in Imperia, called ‘Pissa al’Andrea’ in honour of Andrea Doria – made without tomatoes and invented before America was discovered.


Is the queen of our Bakery.

Based simply on authentic and accomplished baked products, entirely in the Ligurian Bakery tradition. Drawing on the small traditional villages of Recco and Sori of Levante in the Liguria region, who are legendary for Focaccia.

‘Focaccia al formaggio’ is another unique dish you cannot compare. Focaccia dough is made with Manitoba flour that gives more elasticity to the dough and needs to be stretched very thin to make two thin layers. In between these delicate layers is where we are going to add fresh Stracchino Cheese made on the Ligurian hills, another authentic product which demonstrates attention to detail and respect for genuine tradition. The creamy Stracchino cheese in the middle, both acidic and fresh, creates an amazing contrast with the crunch from the dough.

How to bake

We’ll teach you the techniques of how to bake your bread and focaccia, with tips on how you can do this in the comfort of your own home:

  1. Focaccia al formaggio di Recco history and preparation
  2. Pissa al’Andrea
  3. Grissini

The importance of Rising & Bread Maturation

Learn about natural yeast and a selection of the finest Italian flours. We will take you through why using a high quantity of water in the dough makes our hand made Pissa dough truly unique, giving it chance to achieve the perfect rest. Maturation gives the Pissa its unique flavour, colour and increases its digestibility and it is this maturation that allows the dough to rise beautifully, taking as much air as possible and creating a fantastic texture after baking. Gain an insight from our Master Baker into long leavening using natural yeasts, as well as authentic artisan tips such as how to store bread and keep it longer.

The True Taste of Italy

It is time to experience what you have learned. Our chefs, with their passion and knowledge, will lead you in to a 3 course set meal. Sit back and relax against a backdrop of the dramatically theatrical in-house butchery and bakery and enjoy the fruits of your labour as you get to experience the range of traditional Ligurian breads, vegetable tarts, fresh pasta and pastries amongst our authentic dishes. Housed in the redevelopment of Union Yard Arches, Macellaio RC Union Street is inspired by the numerous theatres in the local area. The dry ageing beef dramatically hung behind glass; a stage extends into the restaurant between two large banquet tables, upon where we showcase the best cuts of the day. Furthermore, a stunning white marble butcher’s block is framed by ruby red curtains and sits pride of place in the ground floor dining hall, where our butchers and chefs prepare steaks, carpaccios, tartares, and cured meats before your very eyes.