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Our Italian Sunday Roast

Introducing our Italian Sunday Roasts, served across all three of our restaurants every

Sunday, 12-4pm for just £25.99 per person.

Traditional Sundays in Italy are all about enjoying a long afternoon eating delicious food with family and friends, so that's what we have created here at Macellaio.

The centrepiece roast features thinly sliced topside of world-renowned Fassona Piemontese beef from the special mountain valleys of North Genoa, known globally to be the leanest breed of cattle. An arguably superior taste to Wagyu or corn fed USDA beef, it’s distinguished by its extreme tenderness, incredible texture, juiciness, and a rich, sweet flavour. It comes served with a lit beef dripping candle and a symphony of flavours from the accompanying sides of bone marrow, roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and lashings of beef gravy.

An entirely homemade, sustainable and biodiverse roast dinner, all produce is sourced by the Italian owner, Roberto Costa himself, who has travelled across the Italian landscape to source from the finest producers in Italy.

Classic Sunday roast

Roasted beef topside served with beef gravy and roast potatoes, kale, roasted carrots and bone marrow.


Chicken Sunday Roast

Baby chicken grilled served with lemon herbs oil, kale roast carrots, roast potatoes and beef gravy. 


Vegetarian Sunday Roast

Grilled courgettes, marinated peppers, roast carrots, roast potatoes and kale.

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