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Authentic Italian Steakhouse

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About Macellaio

Macellaio RC is a growing family of three Italian restaurants in London.

Our restaurants are most famous for its fine steak. In fact, Macellaio means "butcher" and we like to call our steakhouses the butchery with tables. The steak we serve is exclusively from the Fassona beef breed, sourced from special mountain valleys in the north of Genoa. 

We take pride in sourcing incredible authentic Italian ingredients, food with utmost respect, preparing it with love, and expertly cooking each dish bringing to life a delightful trattoria dining experience.

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled dining experience where your steak is masterfully butchered and presented to you before being cooked, and where our chefs craft artisan breads, focaccia and pizza in-house. 

Roberto Costa italian restaurant in london

About the founder

Roberto Costa still likes to call himself a waiter. As a Genoese with great passion and a visionary spirit, he conquered the Londoners with his first winning format, Macellaio RC, whose constant distinctive note is the choice of high quality products, lightly transformed, and the aesthetic search for a great experience in the restaurants of the group.

steakhouse london rosmarin

Our Specialty Steaks

Fassona steak steakhouse london
Salt steakhouse london

Fassona beef is a lean, premium meat from the Fassona Piedmontese breed, born and raised in the region of Piedmont.

You can recognize Fassona cattle for their unique muscular structure. This unique characteristic produces high-quality meat with exceptional texture, tenderness, juiciness, and a delightful rich, sweet taste.

Fassona Piomontese

Hereford steak steakhouse london
Salt steakhouse london

A prestigious British beef cattle breed with origins dating back to Herefordshire in the West Midlands of England. This breed's origins predate the influential work of Robert Bakewell. Families in Herefordshire developed it through careful selective breeding since the mid-eighteenth century.

Discover the rich history and heritage of the Hereford breed. It reflects a legacy of meticulous breeding that has led to its prominence in the beef cattle world.

Herefordshire Steak

Sashi steak steakhouse london
Salt steakhouse london

Sashi brand is available only in Europe, committed to sourcing cattle with exceptional genetic traits for optimal intramuscular fat. Sashi is a brand known for offering high-quality beef, particularly associated with premium marbling, tenderness and flavor. In Japanese "Sashi" means "marbled", you can recognize the steak for its exceptional marbling, similar to the Wagyu beef.

Halal Sashi Steak

Tomahawk steak steakhouse london

Tomahawk Steak

Tomahawk steak is a unique version of the classic ribeye beef steak retaining at least five inches of rib bone. French trimming culinary technique ends up in a steak shape that resembles a tomahawk axe handle. This type of steak is also known for its flavorful and well-marbled meat from the ribeye cut.

Tiramisu Masterclass

Immerse yourself in the art of Tiramisu with our exclusive masterclass, guided by our experienced Chefs and Bartenders.


Begin your journey by delving into the rich history of this classic Italian dessert. Did you know that 'Tiramisu' translates to 'cheer me up' in Italian?

Discover the secrets behind crafting the perfect Tiramisu in our Master Class, an experience designed to uplift and delight.


Join us on the third Wednesday of every month at Macellaio RC Soho, London starting from 5pm. Elevate your culinary skills and indulge in the joy of creating this iconic Italian treat with us.

Tiramisu classes london

Upcoming Events

at Macellaio's

Butchery Masterclass

Embark on a culinary journey with our Butchery Masterclass, expertly guided by our Executive Chef and Head Butcher.

In this immersive three-hour session, delve into the fascinating history of our premium meats. Gain valuable insights into the significance of timing, learn the art of selecting, preparing, and cooking the finest cuts.


Explore the nuances of wine pairing, as you sample diverse characters of wines that complement the rich flavors of our meticulously prepared meats.


Join us for an unforgettable experience that combines history, technique, and the pleasure of exquisite flavors.

Butchery class london
roberto costa italian restaurant london


the founder

Roberto Costa - the passionate Genoese visionary and founder of a renowned family of three Italian restaurants. Despite his success, Roberto still fondly refers to himself as a waiter. His initial triumph came with Macellaio RC, a pioneering Italian steakhouse in London, where the constant hallmark is the meticulous selection of premium ingredients, minimally transformed for a superior culinary experience. This commitment to excellence and an aesthetic pursuit of greatness define the unique dining experiences across the entire restaurant group.

italian restaurant london rosmarin

Led by the executive chef and head butcher, the three-hour class will begin with a history behind our meat, a lesson on the importance of timing and how to select, prepare and cook the best cut. Discover the power of wine pairing, sampling the various characters of the wines and flavors 

Butchery Masterclass

Butchery classes london

Tiramisu Masterclass

Led by our experienced Chefs and Bartenders, the class will begin with the history behind this classic Italian Dessert. Few people know that Tiramisu” is an Italian word which means ‘cheer me up’.
And that is exactly what our Master Class will do for you! Join us every third Wednesday of the month at Osteria del MacellaioRC from 5pm.

Upcoming Events

Tiramisu masterclass london

Butchery Masterclass

Led by the executive chef and head butcher, the three-hour class will begin with a history behind our meat, a lesson on the importance of timing and how to select, prepare and cook the best cut. Discover the power of wine pairing, sampling the various characteristics of the wines and flavours. Afterwards, you’ll be treated to a true taste of Italy with a  three-course set meal against the backdrop of the dramatic and theatrical in-house butchery and bakery.

Butchery masterclass london
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