“Our meats and produce tell the history of people and their passions; of countrymen working in olive groves, farmers breeding quality livestock, fishermen sailing the high seas, butchers doing justice to the finest cuts of meat. Only in our restaurants can you experience this amazing story – on a plate.”

Roberto Costa


Macellaio RC: a growing family of five Italian restaurants, each unique but all telling the same story. Your steak is butchered in front of you; artisan breads are cooked in-house. You’ll find incredible Italian food, sourced with respect, prepared with love and expertly cooked. Warmth is tempered by precision, tradition is brought alive by our vision, creating a wonderful, warm trattoria dining experience.

Nothing is left to chance. All our steak comes from the Fassona breed from some very special mountain valleys north of Genoa: every farmer knows the animal he sells us, every cut of meat is hung for the right amount of time: 6-8 weeks for steak, up to 10 days for tuna. Even the pissa dough is allowed to rise for 90 hours to give great flavour and incredible texture.


We call it butchery with tables