Free delivery straight from our restaurant if you live no more than a 15 minutes walk away.
If you live further away but still in the area, why not looking for “BRAVO! By Macellaio” on Deliveroo?


Want to book your delivery in advance?

Not to worry: our lines are open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm, ready to take your order!

Needing some essential items for your larder?

On our “Spaccio del Macellaio” shop you can find pasta, water, sauces, biscuits, freshly cut meats, cheeses and much more...





Nothing is left to chance. All our steak comes from the Fassona breed from some very special mountain valleys north of Genoa: every farmer knows the animal he sells us, every cut of meat is hung for the right amount of time: 6-8 weeks for steak, up to 10 days for tuna. Even the pissa dough is allowed to rise for 90 hours to give great flavour and incredible texture.

Roberto Costa

Cambia lingua

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