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Roberto Costa with meat image

Welcome to the
Butcher's Live Show!

“In this industry the show is every day, for us - that we consider like a Theatre -  it means to put on a show without barriers and reveal what happens behind the scenes…”


Enjoy a 3-hour Butchery class and a 3 course meal

Duration: 3 hours

Just @ Osteria del Macellaio in 

Union Street

Price £120

Our Head Butcher will drive you exclusively behind the scenes of Metodo Costa where we dry age the meats in-house, revealing the important process of naturally enhancing the flavour & tenderness of meat. In the intimate class, learn how to select your meat & the best cuts, taking you through each & every cut.


With their extensive expertise our Head Butcher will take you through where to use your new skills in the kitchen or at home. You will have the knowledge to buy your meat in the right way.


Enjoy a 3-hour Butchery Class and a 3 course meal. The perfect gift for your beloved friends or family members on a special occasion!


"Macellaio’s butchery class is a fantastic way to spend an evening. Upstairs in the Union Street restaurant executive chef Matteo and head butcher Lello told us about the enormous cuts of meat laid out on butchers’ blocks, the wisdom of hanging beef, how to prepare and cook it. We learned about the cattle and the Italian farm where the local community is involved in the care and welfare that results in such superb beef. In the background, bread was being made. Afterwards, we were treated to a spectacular meal. Thank you so much – it was all so interesting and so delicious!” (Elaine)

Osteria del Macellaio - Union Street

Arch 24, 229 Union Street, London SE1 0LR

020 3848 0529

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