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At Macellaio, ageing and maturation are the secret ingredients that create great tasting dishes respectful of provenance. All our steak comes from female Fassona breed, strictly older than 36 months and bought directly from our trusted butcher Daniele Oberto!

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A wide wine-list brings wines from every region of Italy directly to our restaurants, with a particular focus on Piedmont. You'll find a variety perfect to satisfy every wish. 

Inside this offer, ABC is our home made line of products: from a very tasteful bollicine (AMORE proFONDO) to a red Merlot coming from Maremma (VITAE), passing by our Gin (SPIRITO GENOVESE), our olive oil OLIO d’EVOzione and who knows how many other coming in the near future!


We like to celebrate the high quality of our selected ingredients and we truly love all our team working "behind the scene".

​We say YES to tradition and NO to recipes!

With the experience we offer in our restaurants we want to honour all those farmers and growers whose lives and resources are solely dedicated to the quest for uncompromisingly great ingredients.

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