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New Butchery Masterclass in London

Become a Master Butcher!

One of the best meat restaurants in London, Macellaio launches its own Butchery Masterclass.

Our Executive Chef and Head Butcher skillfully guide the masterclass. With their expertise they ensure you know how to source and use your meat wisely. Immerse yourself in a 3-hour Butchery Class, which culminates in a delightful 3-course meal.

This workshop is a perfect gift for your loved ones on a special occasion as well as a fun date idea in London!

Gain valuable insights into the significance of timing, mastering the art of selecting, preparing, and cooking the finest cuts. Masterclass covers the art of wine pairing as you sample wines, perfectly complementing the rich flavors of our meat. Join us for an experience to remember that seamlessly blends history, technique, and the sheer pleasure of exquisite flavors.

Our Head Butcher will escort you behind the scenes of "Metodo Costa", where we expertly dry-age the meat in-house. You will learn to uncover the crucial process of naturally enhancing meat flavor and tenderness through dry-aging. You will grasp the knowledge of selecting your meat. You will learn to identifying the best cuts, empowering you to make informed choices with every purchase.

butcher holding piece of meat with butcher knife on the table

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